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At last! A FREE Business Opportunity!

Cognigen is opportunity. Since 1992 we've been helping people just like you earn stable, steady paychecks from the privacy of their own homes. Cognigen is a business that offers products and services that people need and use everyday, for less. We have eliminated ALL objections most home-based businesses face everyday: "your prices are not low enough" and/or "I don't want to join because I've lost money in previous network marketing programs." Our prices are the best and 100% of our agents either make money or break even!

We have the answer! Our products are the best, the cheapest, and the most reliable. AND our opportunity is free, available to anyone with access to a computer, worldwide!

Last quarter we paid our agents over $1,400,000 !

Want a piece of the pie?! Get started NOW! All you need to do is enter an agent ID by which you wish to be identified in our database.

Our compensation plan is the most generous in the industry, and easy to understand. The more money you generate in sales, the higher commission percentage we'll pay you. You start out at earning 6% commission on your own personal sales, with the ability to earn as high as a 12% commission! We'll also pay you a 1% override on any agent you refer to our program (through 6 levels). We also pay additional bonuses for sales of our Select Services!

Again, this opportunity is free. It's available to people of every nation. Let us pay you just for helping your family and friends save money on the products they use everyday: long distance and internet service.

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Listen to Our Story
Hear our story with your own ears.

Streaming Video
See with your own eyes what Cognigen is all about.

Compensation Plan
Questions about our program? We've got answers.

How do we Compare?
A side-by-side comparison of our plan to the others.

Interactive Presentation
See this incredible opportunity for yourself by downloading our 1 minute Flash presentation.

Message from the Founder
Kevin Anderson - founder of Cognigen

Awards & Recognition
See what others are saying about us!

See how our program has changed people's lives!

Our History
Where we come from, and where we are going

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